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Disinfection Service by Photocatalyst

Nano-photocatalyst which is applied by E&K AP can damage cell membranes resulting in the death of bacteria. As long as spraying the surface of the object, such as: furniture, wall, air conditioner, toy, etc. Photocatalyst can produce deodorizing, antimicrobial, anti-molding, self-cleaning effect. This series of reactions is known as redox reactions. Also it solidifies the virus protein, inhibits the activity of the virus, and captures and kills bacteria or allergens in air up to 99.997%, which is much higher than the ozone or negative ions, and several times more than bleach. It purifies indoor environment and makes air fresh.


  • Eliminate bacteria and remove unpleasant odors
  • Use immediately after disinfection
  • Improve air quality
  • Protect people from allergy and viruses caused